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Title Artist
All About That TailShishimaru The Shiba
Best Paws EverShishimaru The Shiba
Boop De Boop De DoopShishimaru The Shiba
Candle In The Wind (Commentary)Amazon Music
Dark Side Of The BoneShishimaru The Shiba
Hell Bent for LeashShishimaru The Shiba
Iron RoosterFoo Fighters
Jar Of CookiesShishimaru The Shiba
Ninja DogShishimaru The Shiba
Saint CeciliaFoo Fighters
Savior BreathFoo Fighters
SeanFoo Fighters
Shiba HowlShishimaru The Shiba
Shiba HowlShishimaru The Shiba
Shishimaru The ShibaShishimaru The Shiba
The Neverending SighFoo Fighters
Uptown BarkShishimaru The Shiba
W.A.GShishimaru The Shiba
WappyShishimaru The Shiba
What Does The Shiba Say?Shishimaru The Shiba
What Does The Shiba Say?Shishimaru The Shiba
Where You AtThe Bohicas