RSS Composer for Amazon Free Kindle Books and other content

×This composer will help you to generate a tailor-made feed of freebies according to your interests and needs. Use the controls to add free Kindle books, Audible books, Instant Videos and Android Apps, and combine those selections with search terms of your choice.
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Stuff your Kindle and Kindle Fire with free content!

Amazon offers new freebies for Kinde and Kinde Fire daily. Keeping up to date with all incoming free offers can be challenging. Especially finding those freebies that are new and fit one's interest can prove to be a hard task.

An RSS Feed provides a great deal of flexibility, both on the genres of the freebies you want to receive information about, as well as how frequently you want to receive notifications, and via which medium (email, Facebook, Twitter, or directly on your Kindle).

The Feeds you can compose on this application are fully tailor-made to your needs. You select which free items you want to be notified about, and which ones to leave out. You can include all desired media items from all countries in your feed: Kindle books, MP3 songs, instant videos, Audible audio books, and Android apps and games.

How does it work?

Through the form, you can add content to your custom Feed. In a first step, please select the shop you want to receive free items from. Free Kindle books can be grabbed from almost any location worldwide. In most regions, you can choose from at least two diffrent local Kindle shops. You can check on the Amazon UK Website which Kindle shops you're eligible to buy from. The Audible shops are open to customers worldwide. Videos and MP3 songs, however, are restricted to the respective countries.

You can add a search string to restrict the freebies you're going to receive. The search string covers data like the book title, author name, genre, artist, and the Amazon product number (ASIN). Some examples of search queries would be:

You can compose several search requests, and add them consecutively to your RSS Feed. After you're done, please confirm that the Feed is complete. You will not be able to make changes to if afterwards. You can then pick the Feed up via the Feed button.

For the Feed to remain permanently available, you must read it at least once every 30 days. Unconfirmed Feeds however, will be deleted after a very short grace period.

Where can I read the Feed?

There are numerous options to receive updates of your RSS Feed. Use your favourite software, website, or device, whatever you check on a regular basis anyway. Here follows a non complete list of options:

Edit your Feed

If you have assigned a password to your feed, you can enter it here to make some changes.

Don't forget to finalize the feed when you're finished.