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from Enschede | Netherlands
Post # 5
03.07.2017 | 15:11
Super Tool

I want to thank you sooo much for the very good tool for downloading OEM images. This helped me soo much that the problem which I had was therefore solved in minutes due to your tool. I gonna recommend you to my friends!
Cheers.. and thanks again!

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Liew Cheng Yeh
from Lahad Datu | Malaysia
Post # 4
01.07.2017 | 01:15
Thank you

Your download manager/helper app is god sent...
I needed the old version of Win10 (Threshold 2) installer...

The new creator update (Redstone 2) have a PCMCIA driver problem, till now it still not yet fixed...

and my backup ISO file is corrupted, due to faulty HDD...
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Post # 3
22.06.2017 | 03:55
Many people use Office 365 but i can't find setup file on internet for windows.


Office 365 downloads are included with the Office 2013/2016 downloads. Just select "Office 365" from the dropdown.
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Post # 2
20.06.2017 | 21:21
Please add Language packs for windows 7/8/10 in Windows ISO Downloader


There are no stand-alone language packs for Windows. You can download language packs with Windows Update instead.
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from Phnom Penh | Cambodia
Post # 1
19.06.2017 | 07:25
Welcome to the Guestbook

Welcome to the new guestbook! You can leave your feedback and comments here. The old guestbook had to be discontinued due to security reasons.
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