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Welcome to HeiDoc.net, the Technology Treasure Chest. HeiDoc.net started as a personal and family website back in 2008. It was an unordered and unsorted collection of unrelated bits and pieces until we discovered the official download links for Windows 7 SP1 in 2011, which gave the website an unexpected boost, which resulted in the conversion of HeiDoc.net into a semi-professional technology blog.


News from HeiDoc.net

What distinguishes us from other tech bloggers is the fact that we don't publish many new articles. We don't copy stuff that is being featured in hundreds of other blogs anyway, but we publish our own unique content, based on our own development and discoveries. We want to provide useful information and applications that have an impact on our visitors, both technologically and spiritually.

This site was created in 2008, and initially contained Jan's work from university, a couple of articles on SAP/ABAP and XSLT based on Jan's work as a SAP consultant, and personal and family information. Some of the techniques Jan has developed to design vic-fontaine.com and this site are explained here as well. In 2011 we discovered the official download links for Windows 7 SP1, which resulted in a daily number of visitors we hadn't had in an entire month before that.

So we deleted the private articles from the site, and gave it a more professional touch. However, we're keeping our Cambodia pages here, and continue to write new articles in that category, as we've settled over to Phnom Penh now to work for the Social Business Khalibre Cambodia.

Another purpose of this site is to offer modern and up to date Bible translations to use on mobile phones. The software for this has been developped by Jolon Faichney. Jan has created an application for the German Volxbibel version, a Bible translation that has been created by young people in a Wiki project.

We've been using Joomla to create HeiDoc.net from the beginning. We had Joomla 1.0 in 2008, and have always been early adopters to new versions. Joomla is both simple to use, and gets good results in place quickly, as well as sufficiently powerful to integrate all functions that are available on HeiDoc.net today.

What is HeiDoc?

HeiDoc is a SAP project at Heidelberg Printing Machines Jan was involved with (Heidelberg Documentation). The domain was still available, so Jan grabbed it. :-)

The Krohn family in Cambodia