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With the release of Office 365, Microsoft Office is now tightly integrated with the Cloud, OneDrive, the Windows Live services etc. As a result of this change, users usually download Office through an online installer. If you want to retain a disk image for Microsoft Office 2013, please read on.

Important Note February 2015

Microsoft has taken down all previous and current download servers (msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent.net, msft.digitalrivercontent.net, digitalrivercontent.net and drcdn.blob.core.windows.net)! At this point it is unlikely that the downloads will ever come back. However, a few download options remain.

Download Office 2013 from Microsoft

The following list of links provides an overview of official channels through which you can still get hold of Office 2013 downloads.

Purchase Office 2013

Office 2013

With the new 2013 version, Microsoft Office brings some considerable changes. Whereas it was possible to install Office up to three computers before (depending on the edition), a license is now bound to a single computer only. Microsoft is driving the subscription model here, and restricts flexibility of the standalone editions to a minimum. I'd personally recommend to purchase Office 2010 instead, because of these licensing restrictions. Should you want to go for the new Office anyway, here are the links to Amazon:

What are x86 and x64 editions?

Running the x64 (64 bit) edition also requires an x64 Windows edition. The advantage of Office x64 is a bit better performance. Disadvantage is that it doesn't support most third party plugins and add-ons. Microsoft actually discourages the use of the x64 editions. So unless you're absolutely sure you need an x64 edition, you should choose x86 (32 bit).

Former direct download links, only for reference

The following table is provided for reference only, and includes the file names of the downloads that were available from Digital River, so that you know which file name is which Office version, in case you find some of the files from an alternative download source. The downloads in this table are no longer working.

When you look for unauthorized downloads, you can also leverage the information on the MSDN Download Center for assistance. Download is not possible without subscription, but you will find more file names to look for, as well as ISO/CRC check sums to verify the integrity of any downloads.

Product Arabic
Chinese, simplified
(PR China)
Chinese, traditional
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65180.iso X18-65182.iso X18-65183.iso X18-65184.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65691.iso X18-65693.iso X18-65694.iso X18-65695.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-81240.exe (old)
X19-32695.exe (new)
X18-51516.exe (old)
X19-32617.exe (new)
X18-51518.exe (old)
X19-32619.exe (new)
X18-51520.exe (old)
X19-32622.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51513.exe (old)
X19-32614.exe (new)
X18-51517.exe (old)
X19-32618.exe (new)
X18-51519.exe (old)
X19-32620.exe (new)
X18-51521.exe (old)
X19-32623.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65368.exe   X18-65370.exe X18-65371.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65882.exe   X18-65884.exe X18-65885.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65436.exe   X18-65438.exe X18-65439.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65950.exe   X18-65952.exe X18-65953.exe


Product Croatian
(Czech Republic)
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65185.iso X18-65186.iso X18-65187.iso X18-65188.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65696.iso X18-65697.iso X18-65698.iso X18-65699.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51522.exe (old)
X19-32624.exe (new)
X18-51524.exe (old)
X19-32626.exe (new)
X18-51526.exe (old)
X19-32628.exe (new)
X18-51528.exe (old)
X19-32630.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51523.exe (old)
X19-32625.exe (new)
X18-51525.exe (old)
X19-32627.exe (new)
X18-51527.exe (old)
X19-32629.exe (new)
X18-51529.exe (old)
X19-32631.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86   X18-65372.exe X18-65373.exe X18-65374.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64   X18-65886.exe X18-65887.exe X18-65888.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86   X18-65440.exe X18-65441.exe X18-65442.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64   X18-65954.exe X18-65955.exe X18-65956.exe


Product English
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65189.iso X18-65190.iso X18-65191.iso X18-65192.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65700.iso X18-65701.iso X18-65702.iso X18-65703.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51531.exe (old)
X19-32633.exe (new)
X18-51532.exe (old)
X19-32634.exe (new)
X18-51534.exe (old)
X19-32636.exe (new)
X18-51536.exe (old)
X19-32638.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51530.exe (old)
X19-32632.exe (new)
X18-51533.exe (old)
X19-32635.exe (new)
X18-51535.exe (old)
X19-32637.exe (new)
X18-51537.exe (old)
X19-32639.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65375.exe   X18-65376.exe X18-65377.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65889.exe   X18-65890.exe X18-65891.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65443.exe   X18-65444.exe X18-65445.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65957.exe   X18-65958.exe X18-65959.exe


Product German
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65193.iso X18-65194.iso X18-65195.iso X18-65196.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65704.iso X18-65705.iso X18-65706.iso X18-65707.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51538.exe (old)
X19-32640.exe (new)
X18-51540.exe (old)
X19-32642.exe (new)
X18-51542.exe (old)
X19-32644.exe (new)
X18-51544.exe (old)
X19-32646.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51539.exe (old)
X19-32641.exe (new)
X18-51541.exe (old)
X19-32643.exe (new)
X18-51543.exe (old)
X19-32645.exe (new)
X18-51545.exe (old)
X19-32647.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65378.exe X18-65379.exe X18-65380.exe  
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65892.exe X18-65893.exe X18-65894.exe  
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65446.exe X18-65447.exe X18-65448.exe  
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65960.exe X18-65961.exe X18-65962.exe  


Product Hungarian
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65197.iso X18-65198.iso X18-65199.iso X18-65200.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65708.iso X18-65709.iso X18-65710.iso X18-65711.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51546.exe (old)
X19-32648.exe (new)
X18-51548.exe (old)
X19-32650.exe (new)
X18-51550.exe (old)
X19-32652.exe (new)
X18-51552.exe (old)
X19-32654.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51547.exe (old)
X19-32649.exe (new)
X18-51549.exe (old)
X19-32651.exe (new)
X18-51551.exe (old)
X19-32653.exe (new)
X18-51553.exe (old)
X19-32655.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65381.exe   X18-65382.exe X18-65383.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65895.exe   X18-65896.exe X18-65897.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65449.exe   X18-65450.exe X18-65451.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65963.exe   X18-65964.exe X18-65965.exe


Product Kazakh
(Republic of Korea)
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65201.iso X18-65202.iso X18-65203.iso X18-65204.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65712.iso X18-65713.iso X18-65714.iso X18-65715.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51554.exe (old)
X19-32656.exe (new)
X18-51556.exe (old)
X19-32658.exe (new)
X18-51558.exe (old)
X19-32660.exe (new)
X18-51560.exe (old)
X19-32662.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51555.exe (old)
X19-32657.exe (new)
X18-51557.exe (old)
X19-32659.exe (new)
X18-51559.exe (old)
X19-32661.exe (new)
X18-51561.exe (old)
X19-32663.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86   X18-65384.exe    
Project 2013 Professional x64   X18-65898.exe    
Visio 2013 Professional x86   X18-65452.exe    
Visio 2013 Professional x64   X18-65966.exe    


Product Malay
Norwegian, Bokmål
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65205.iso X18-65206.iso X18-65207.iso X18-65181.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65716.iso X18-65717.iso X18-65718.iso X18-65692.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51562.exe (old)
X19-32664.exe (new)
X18-51564.exe (old)
X19-32666.exe (new)
X18-51566.exe (old)
X19-32668.exe (new)
X18-51514.exe (old)
X19-32615.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51563.exe (old)
X19-32665.exe (new)
X18-51565.exe (old)
X19-32667.exe (new)
X18-51567.exe (old)
X19-32669.exe (new)
X18-51515.exe (old)
X19-32616.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86   X18-65385.exe X18-65386.exe X18-65369.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64   X18-65899.exe X18-65900.exe X18-65883.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86   X18-65453.exe X18-65454.exe X18-65437.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64   X18-65967.exe X18-65968.exe X18-65951.exe


Product Portuguese
(Russian Federation)
Serbian, Latin
(Serbia / Montenegro)
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65208.iso X18-65209.iso X18-65210.iso X18-65211.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65719.iso X18-65720.iso X18-65721.iso X18-65722.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51568.exe (old)
X19-32670.exe (new)
X18-51570.exe (old)
X19-32672.exe (new)
X18-51572.exe (old)
X19-32674.exe (new)
X18-51574.exe (old)
X19-32676.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51569.exe (old)
X19-32671.exe (new)
X18-51571.exe (old)
X19-32673.exe (new)
X18-51573.exe (old)
X19-32675.exe (new)
X18-51575.exe (old)
X19-32677.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65387.exe X18-65388.exe X18-65389.exe  
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65901.exe X18-65902.exe X18-65903.exe  
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65455.exe X18-65456.exe X18-65457.exe  
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65969.exe X18-65970.exe X18-65971.exe  


Product Slovak
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65212.iso X18-65213.iso X18-65214.iso X18-65215.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65723.iso X18-65725.iso X18-65727.iso X18-65729.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51576.exe (old)
X19-32678.exe (new)
X18-51578.exe (old)
X19-32680.exe (new)
X18-51580.exe (old)
X19-32682.exe (new)
X18-51582.exe (old)
X19-32684.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51577.exe (old)
X19-32679.exe (new)
X18-51579.exe (old)
X19-32681.exe (new)
X18-51581.exe (old)
X19-32683.exe (new)
X18-51583.exe (old)
X19-32685.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86 X18-65390.exe X18-65391.exe X18-65392.exe X18-65393.exe
Project 2013 Professional x64 X18-65904.exe X18-65905.exe X18-65906.exe X18-65907.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x86 X18-65458.exe X18-65459.exe X18-65460.exe X18-65461.exe
Visio 2013 Professional x64 X18-65972.exe X18-65973.exe X18-65974.exe X18-65975.exe


Product Thai
Office 2013 Professional Plus x86 X18-65216.iso X18-65217.iso X18-65218.iso X18-65219.iso
Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 X18-65730.iso X18-65731.iso X18-65732.iso X18-65733.iso
Office 2013 Language Pack x86 X18-51584.exe (old)
X19-32686.exe (new)
X18-51586.exe (old)
X19-32689.exe (new)
X18-51588.exe (old)
X19-32691.exe (new)
X18-51590.exe (old)
X19-32693.exe (new)
Office 2013 Language Pack x64 X18-51585.exe (old)
X19-32688.exe (new)
X18-51587.exe (old)
X19-32690.exe (new)
X18-51589.exe (old)
X19-32692.exe (new)
X18-51591.exe (old)
X19-32694.exe (new)
Project 2013 Professional x86   X18-65394.exe X18-65395.exe  
Project 2013 Professional x64   X18-65908.exe X18-65909.exe  
Visio 2013 Professional x86   X18-65462.exe X18-65463.exe  
Visio 2013 Professional x64   X18-65976.exe X18-65977.exe