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The SAP Netweaver Trial Version, also known as Mini SAP, only has one single development user BCUSER after initial installation. Although you can create new users and even equip them with development authorisations, every attempt to perform actual development tasks with them will fail because they lack a valid developer key. This article will show you how to disable this check routine for developer keys, so that any user with all necessary authorisations can also create and edit objects in the customer namespaces.

Instructions step by step

Before you begin with the operation please remember to perform this only in your sandbox system. Athough the same steps can be performed in customer systems with the same result, I strongly discourage you to implement it. Don't even think about it. Here in Germany we have the saying that this will get you into the Devil's kitchen! (And this is not because he has invited you for dinner...)

Okay, enough warnings, lets get started with signing on BCUSER and going to transaction SE38, where you go to include LSKEYF00. In the include, choose the button that looks like a snail Enhance (Shift + F4).

Enhance Include LSKEYF00

Go to menu Edit, Enhancement Operations, Show Implicit Enhancement Options.

Show Implicit Enhancement Options

Now, all implicit enhancement points of the include will be shown. Those are the spots where it's possible for you to insert your own coding. Look out for the enhancement point Form CHECK_KEY, End, and place the cursor in the same line. Then go back to the menu, and choose Create Implementation (Ctrl+Shift+F8).

Create Implementation

You will be asked for the type of the enhancement. Choose Code here.

Choose Type of Enhancement

Afterwards, you will be asked for a name and a description for your new implementation. Enter anything you want within the customer namespace.

Choose Name and Description of Enhancement

We're almost done with the operation already. You can now enter your own coding into the enhancement point. Just enter a single line:

sy-subrc = 0.

Change Enhancement

As a final step, click on the button Activate Enhancements (Ctrl + F3). Once this step is performed, you will still be asked for a developer key when one of your users creates or edits their first object. However, you can just enter any random number, and the user will receive unlimited development authorisations.

Register New Developer

This procedure will work for all of the users you've created in SU01, however not for the preinstalled users DDIC and SAP*.

One step further: Remove the access key check for objects in SAP namespace

If you perform the same operation in the enhancement point Form ADIR_CHECK, End in the same include, and add the same line as above, you can remove the access key that is necessary to create or edit any objects in the SAP namespace. Once you've done that, whenever you're prompted for an access key, just enter any random number, and you'll get access to the requested object.

Change Enhancement

Now you can not only create new objects out of the Y and Z customer Name spaces. You can also edit the source code of all existing objects owned by SAP that come with the Trial Version.

Register Object