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Visual Studio is Microsoft's developer suite featuring Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# and Visual Web Developer. Install files of the old versions Visual Studio 2008 and 2005 were available on the Digital River download servers until February 2015. The up to date version "Visual Studio 2017" however is being offered as a free "Community" edition.

Important Note February 2015

Microsoft has taken down all previous and current download servers (msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent.net, msft.digitalrivercontent.net, digitalrivercontent.net and drcdn.blob.core.windows.net)! At this point it is unlikely that the downloads will ever come back.

If you need installation media for any old Visual Studio edition, and have proof of purchase, you can try to order a replacement disk for a small processing fee.

Get Visual Studio 2017 instead

Visual studio 2010

For personal and commercial use, Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition comes as a free download. This free edition should be more than sufficient in most cases. Should you need further functionality, you could consider ordering Visual Studio 2017 Professional or a standard or professional edition of one of the old versions from an online shop such as eBay and Amazon:

Former direct download links, only for reference

The following table is provided for reference only, so that you know which file name is which Visual Studio version, in case you find some of the files from an alternative download source. The downloads in this table are no longer working.

Language Visual Studio 2008 Standard MSDN Library 2008
Chinese, simplified (PR China) X14-78961.exe msdn_chs.exe (X14-78962.exe)
Chinese, traditional (Taiwan) X14-78955.exe msdn_cht.exe (X14-78956.exe)
English (USA) X14-78944.exe msdn_enu.exe (X14-78945.exe)
French (France) X14-78946.exe msdn_fra.exe (X14-78950.exe)
German (Germany) X14-78951.exe msdn_deu.exe (X14-78952.exe)
Italian (Italy) X14-78953.exe msdn_ita.exe (X14-78954.exe)
Korean (Republic of Korea) X14-78957.exe msdn_kor.exe (X14-78958.exe)
Spanish (Spain) X14-78959.exe  

Language Visual Studio 2005 Standard MSDN Library 2005 Visual Studio 2005 Standard with MSDN Library
Chinese, traditional (Taiwan) X13-83683.exe X13-88700.exe  
English (USA) X13-85547.exe X13-88701.exe X13-72001.exe
French (France) X13-83676.exe X13-88599.exe  
German (Germany) X13-83679.exe X13-88603.exe  
Korean (Republic of Korea) X13-83681.exe X13-88698.exe  

Download Automatic Graph Layout Setup File

Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout is a .NET Library for drawing graphs. It was available on Microsoft's Windows Marketplace in the past, but now Microsoft is giving it away free of charge. It was also on the Digital River servers, but is also available from Microsoft Research.

Product Language Download Link
Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout English (USA) X14-18316.exe (old)
X14-96784.exe (new)