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Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible

The BLB is a faily new kid on the block of Bible apps, and is having a very promising start. The number of text and audio commentaries is impressive, and all of them are available for free, however, you need to be online to access them, and they are not searchable.

The BLB provides the tools necessary to read the Bible in the original languages as well, such as dictionaries and interlinears. Navigating the app is still somewhat clumsy, but that should improve over time, as this is still a newcomer.

Blue Letter Bible is an independent non-profit organization not affiliated with a specific ministry. The organization is dedicated to provide service across denominations.

Download Blue Letter Bible

App Title Blue Letter Bible
Cost Free (Non-profit)
Functions Bookmarks, Search, Notes, Highlighting, Translation Comparison, Daily Readings
Offline Bible Versions English (ASV, BBE, Darby, HCSB, HNV, KJV, NET, WEB, YLT), Original Languages (Septuagint, Textus Receptus, Vulgate, Westcott-Hort), Chinese (CHT), French (LGS), Korean (Korean Holy Bible), Spanish (EM)
Online Bible Versions English (ESV, NASB, NIV, NKJV, NLT, RSV), Spanish (RVR 1960)
Audio Versions English (KJV, NASB, NIV, NKJV, NLT), Spanish (RVR 1960) - all online
Paid Bible Versions none
Other works and writings Countless Commentaries and Dictionaries
Version 1.14
Size 38.4 MB
App-to-SD Yes
Android Version required 4.0


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