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And Bible

And Bible

The And Bible is the Android app associated with the open source SWORD project at the Crosswire Bible Study website. For a list of Bible versions and other included resources you can check there. Crosswire is dedicated to Public Domain versions, and other works such as commentaries and dictionaries, and currently features about 40 English Bible translations altogether. All works can be downloaded for offline use.

Big plus of the app is its overall slickness, speed, and very low system requirements. It will run on almost any device without issues. The user interface is very basic and straightforward, which makes it very intuitive to use, but on the other hand lacks enhanced functionality.

Download And Bible

App Title And Bible
Cost Free (Open Source)
Functions Reading Plans, Bookmarks, Highlighting, Notes, Split Screen, Atlas, Text-to-Speech
Offline Bible Versions English (AB, ABP, ACV, AMP, ASV, BBE, BWE, Common, CPDV, Darby, DR, EMTV, ESV, GLW, GNV, GW, HCSB, ISV, JPS, JUB, KJV, LEB, LITV, LO, NASB, NET, NHEB, NIV, OEB, RV, SPE, T4T, TS, WEB, WMB, WYC, YLT), Original Languages, 1000 more languages
Online Bible Versions none
Audio Versions none
Paid Bible Versions none
Other works and writings Several commentaries, dictionaries, other theological works (offline use)
Version 2.6.0
Size 4 MB
App-to-SD Yes
Android Version required 2.3


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