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ESV Bible

ESV Bible

This is the official ESV app by Crossway. It is plain, simple and easy to use. If the ESV is your translation, and you don't need anything else, this app is for you.

Additional features like search, bookmarks etc. are included, hoverver, a bit difficult to locate. The app does not have a home screen or dashboard, but opens straight to the Bible text.

Download ESV Bible

App Title ESV Bible
Cost Free (Commercial)
Functions Bookmarks, Search, Notes, Highlighting
Offline Bible Versions ESV
Online Bible Versions none
Audio Versions none
Paid Bible Versions none
Other works and writings none
Version 1.2.3
Size 12.7 MB
App-to-SD Yes
Android Version required 1.6


ESV Bible Reading View

ESV Footnote View

ESV Book Selector