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Last but not least, Superbook is a very special and unique app. CBN has created an excellent TV show that teaches children Biblical truth, and shows them how to apply it in their daily life. Chris, Joy, and their robot Gizmo get taken back in time, they meet Jesus, Moses, Abraham, John and other Biblical characters, and learn from them the basics of the Christian faith. The app includes a lot of episodes from the show for free.

The second major component of the Superbook app is a reader with the text of the entire Bible which is enriched with a child-friendly commentary from the first chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation. The Bible text defaults to the NLT, which is good enough for early readers. For younger children, there's an audio version of the NLT available. The "commentary" contains quizzes, trivia, short video clips, images etc.

Superbook makes learning Biblical truth fun for the young ones. My kids turn to Superbook as frequently as they turn to their favourite games, without me telling them to do so. The stories are engaging, and relevant to their life.

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App Title Superbook
Cost Free (Commercial)
Functions Notes, Bookmarks
Offline Bible Versions English (ASV, KJV), Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Spanish
Online Bible Versions English (AMP, BBE, Darby, NASB, NLT, YLT), Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Khmer, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai
Audio Versions NLT (online)
Paid Bible Versions none
Other works and writings Many episodes of the Superbook TV show, games, puzzles, quiz
Version 1.5.5
Size 57.8 MB
App-to-SD Yes
Android Version required 2.3


SuperBook Start Screen

SuperBook Bible Reading View

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