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MySword Bible

MySword Bible

MySword is a freemium Bible app, that in the free version is not restricted in number of resources, but in functionality. For this review, we only consider the functions available in the free version.

MySword boasts a very good selection of mainly public domain Bible versions as well as commentaries, dictionaries etc. all for offline download. It also has an integrated text-to-speech interface. The app allows for a lot of customizing, and lets you choose fonts, colours, rearrange the buttons etc. Navigating the app seems overwhelming at the beginning, and it surely takes a bit of time getting used to it. MySword has in fact the most complex user interface of all the Bible apps that we've tested.

With respect to available Bible versions and other writings, there is a heavy emphasis on public domain works. Own modules of other translations could be created with some moderate effort, but installing them requires the premium version (as well as text files of the desired Bible versions of course).

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App Title MySword Bible
Cost Freemium
Functions Only free functions: Bookmarks, Search, Notes, Highlighting, Translation Comparison, Daily Readings, Text-to-Speech, Atlas
Offline Bible Versions English (ASV, BBE, CPDV, Darby, DR, EBR, EMTV, ERV, HNV, ISV, JMNT, KJV, LEB, LHB, LOGOS, NET, NHEB, OEB, SLT, TS, VW, WEB, WMTH, WPNT, WYC, YLT), Original Languages (Masoretic Text, SBLGNT, Septuagint, Textus Receptus, Tischendorf, Vulgate, Westcott-Hort), 300 more languages
Online Bible Versions none
Audio Versions none
Paid Bible Versions none
Other works and writings Countless Commentaries and Dictionaries
Version 1.14
Size 6.2 MB
App-to-SD Yes
Android Version required 2.1


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